Evernote vs. Onenote

I am a huge note taker. I have to be because everyone at the office is always adding things to my to-do list throughout the day. I have been using Microsoft’s Onenote for years and I would say the upcoming 2010 version is going to be great. The one issue I have is Onenote can only work on a desktop/notebook computer or a windows mobile device. I carry a Blackberry, use a iTouch and will soon have a iPad so this does not work for me. Someone mentioned Evernote as a good alternative.

I used Onenote to keep track of my daily to do list. I am able to copy links and create a checklist of task needing my attention. There are quick key combinations that can add to do check boxes, the date, date and time and a few more dozen options. One nice feature is to turn a note into an Outlook task entry. Some of these features are not available in Evernote. More on that later.

I have been using Evernote for few days and it has been a good experience so far. I have successfully installed it on my office production Windows 7 computer, my Blackberry Bold 9700 and my 2nd generation iTouch. It installed without any issues on all my devices.

One thing I have to get use to is creating a separate note for each day. In Onenote a categorize my notes by month and keep a running list separated by the date. In Evernote I have been creating a note for each day. Either way seems to work fine. I can create a to do check box in Evernote but lose the ability to link to my Outlook task. Evernote also does not have all the quick keys options that Onenote does.

The Blackberry and iTouch application allows me to create a new note or amend an existing note. You can not edit or modify an existing note text created on a workstation. You can place a check in a to do check box of an existing item but you can not create new check boxes. This seems to work ok but it would be nice to keep the for mating the same through all devices.

The web version allows you to do the same functions as the desktop version which does help. All together I am pleased with the product but it has only been a few days. As I use the product more I will blog again once I master the features. So far it is nice being able to take my notes where ever I go!


8 Responses to “Evernote vs. Onenote”

  1. Mobile Noter will sync OneNote notebooks on iphone and ipad

  2. I have had BB, Windows Mobile, and now im on Android. So Far the Android is the best experience albeit the newest technology so that might not be fair. I too Use Onenote and am dieing to get a tablet. As for the Mobile Noter.. 15 bucks is not out of my price range and it is comming for android so I will probbaly get it for my EVO. As for BB.. Good luck, RIM has been clinging to their “model” of proprietary everything for so long that id be supprised if you will ever get much functionality beyonde basic email and file transfer. The Ipad is very tempting but My work is completly Windows Based and the level of security that I need is not available. The perfect solution for me would be a 7 to 10 inch Android Tablet (same form factor as the ipad) with microsoft integration that was capable of the security, filesharing managment, and a Onenote for android app that could sync with sharepoint through secure connection.. I don’t ask for much do I..

  3. I’ve worked with both OneNote 2010 (and the newly released FREE OneNote iPhone App) and Evernote… I have to say they each have their pros and cons.

    I really love OneNote’s organization, ability to easily integrate files, and keeping your master files in the cloud allows for very easy sync’ing across several different computers and locations. If you’re a tablet user, it also does a great job supporting “ink”-ing. The downside — the new mobile app is shaky at best, and sharing with other users is problematic if they don’t have OneNote (or they prefer a Mac).

    Evernote’s organization isn’t quite as strong, but the new notebook stacks certainly help. Its pdf search (for premium users) appears to have some room for improvement as its not consistent yet, but its sharing, easy of use, and wide range of supported client hardware is hard to beat.

    I own them both, have been using OneNote for about 4 years, had been sold on converting to Evernote due to the ability to share files, and still haven’t made up my mind which I like better. If only we could get the best of both worlds with easy sharing across multiple platforms combined with great searching, tags, organizational features, and support for inking, we’d be in nerd nirvana.

    The short version — they each have their strengths and weaknesses. I’m planning on running both concurrently for a while to find which I end up using more often.

  4. Bryan Koyano Says:

    I’ve been evaluating Evernote and Oneone for the past month. The multi=platform sync and notebook sharing are the biggest strengths with Evernote. I wish Evernote will allow you to capture keyboard and pen input as well as audio/video on a single note. This full integration is present in Onenote and makes it very convenient, because I don’t always know what type of note I’d like to create and the versatility of Onenote is hopefully what Evernote will strive for in the near future.

  5. I have a Windows Phone 7 and find the integration of OneNote with the phone, my desktop and even my iPad are key. I enjoy the categorization and seamless cloud support through my 25GB free Windows Live account. I am looking forward to the new Windows 8 Tablets and the complete windows ecosystem. If it is anything like the Windows Phone 7, it is going to be amazing.

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  7. Bryan Koyano Says:

    Evernote is hands down the best app IMHO. The latest features and functions of Evernote are far beyond what OneNote can even think to offer in the future..

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